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Unfortunately, 35% of programs report never interviewing non-US IMGs. Still, 55% and 23% of programs report often interviewing US and non-US grads respectively - so while there may be some programs that will be difficult to apply into from this position, there are plenty that should not present you with problems on this front.

2022 Medical School Interview Guide. By Med School Insiders. January 31, 2022. Pre-med. Interview, Residency Interview. Congratulations, you made it to the medical school. Speak with residents about key issues such as work-life balance, transitioning to residency and resident satisfaction to gain insight into the program's culture. Ask residents these candid questions and carefully note how their responses align with your expectations for training. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the program? Would you.

Family medicine offered 4,935 positions, 91 more than in 2021, and 13.6% of positions offered in all specialties. The number of U.S. MD seniors matching decreased by 68 compared with the year ....

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The Lancaster General Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program—one of the first and most respected programs in the country—positions family medicine physicians of the future to pursue their unique professional paths through wide-ranging training opportunities in both urban and rural settings..

Many applicants become nervous and frustrated by the overwhelming number of rejections during the initial stage. Remember as an IMG if you have applied to over a 150 programs and you would expect over a 100 rejections. Even for the most ‘qualified’ IMGs more than 30 interviews are rare. If the program does not select you for interview it ....

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